Hear what our students have to say about PLS:


Ria-student-from-perfectlifespot-english-honoursMy journey at PLS has been an intense one. When I saw my first year’s result, I actually thought of dropping out of English honours! I met Charnita mam at PLS, my perspective about this course changed. With magic in her words and positivity in her eyes, she stimulated me in everyway. And today, I am a graduate with a first division in English honours and a better person too. What more can I ask from her?. I would like to thank you mam for all the efforts you made for me . 
(Ria Bhatia, Maitrey College)

Megha-student-from-perfectlifespot-english-honoursPerfect Life Spot (PLS) is a crucial part of my life. PLS helped me in my journey towards finding myself. I started my journey as a correspondence student of English honours. I got far more than that. I still remember my first day here, I was someone who had no idea about her abilities. And, I was also undergoing difficult times. My journey started with the realisation that I can do something good with my life. Today, I am a student of Masters in English at Delhi University. This is dream-like, from correspondence to get admission in Masters at DU! We all look forward to teachers who can help us to fetch “good marks”. This place, besides improving one’s academic potential, makes one identify self-worth. The teachers always mentor the students with great love. The founder-ma’am, Ms Charnita, has been my true inspiration. She helped me re-discover my inner-magic. I feel deeply grateful.

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