1. Our Team of dedicated and expert facilitators shall empower you with the skills that are essential for understanding literature:
  • In-depth understanding of literature
  • Close-reading skills
  • Understanding rhetoric and argumentation
  • Critical analysis
  • Academic writing skills
  • Effective communication
    1.  Testimonials: Think about a student who had ‘failed’ in her previous academic assessment. She enters PLS. Three months of PLS-sessions and she stands as a beaming topper in her next exam. Dream-like unreal? Yes, this is the place where magic happens. More testimonials here.
  1. Out-of-the-Box Happy Classrooms: Our alternative teaching methodology is reflected in how we organise our classroom space. Our methodology is integrative and experiential.  According to the students, the classrooms are emotionally-comforting, academically-engaging and socially empowering. You can read their views here.
  1. Self-Development: This is not a coaching centre but a self-transformation lab for your self-actualization. Students often refer to this space as ‘a place where we were born again.’
  1. Emotionally-Comfortable classrooms:You are a Miracle.’ That is what we believe. We believe in the abilities of each and every student. We create a space to provide you with resources and guidance to discover your abilities for yourself. Our teachers believe in humanism, that makes it easier for you to realise your untapped potential.
  1. Love for Literature: You will fall in love with literature! When you love what you do, you are both happy and successful.