About Perfect Life Spot


Englosh-honours-classes-perfect-life-spotPerfect Life Spot (PLS) is not a coaching institute. It is a carefully-nurtured nest to ensure your academic success in English literature as well as your emotional well-being. Our students refer to this place as ‘the place where magic happens.’ Since 2011, PLS has nourished thousands of lives with skills that lead to academic success as well as social-emotional competencies that lead to happiness and success in the ‘real’ world.  For us, education is an excellent tool to transform the world into a happier place.

Transforming Lives by redesigning classrooms into emotionally-safe & mindful spaces for life-relevant education.

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About the Founder


Perfect Life Spot was founded by Ms Charnita Arora in 2011. By the time she was 19, she realized that she is a misfit. Her student life as a deeply sensitive and a contemplative individual sowed the seeds of the dream of creating emotionally-safe, life-relevant classrooms. Academically excellent but emotionally under-provided, she felt that our world shall be a much better place, if we paid more attention to each other’s feelings and needs. In fact, even then she believed that classrooms would become magical if student-teacher relationship was based on mutual respect, emotional intelligence and humanism rather than any artificial authority or fear. And so, she mindfully started creating such spaces in education & training. From this deeply-felt need emerged the idea of creating Perfect Life Spot- the well-being nest. Her story as a dreamer can be read here and can be watched here.  Ms Charnita Arora has received several scholarships and acknowledgements for her work in the field of language, mindfulness and well-being. A Delhi University gold medalist, an Erasmus Mundus scholar, she is also an international speaker, a bestselling writer, a content-specialist on mindfulness and, of course, a well-loved Well-being Coach.